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Tool Dealer Network is your solution to prevent bad debt from happening.

Our unique program allows dealers from all flags to import their customers’ information, who have skipped out on their truck accounts, and compiles a searchable database that allows you to prescreen new customers and detect any potential offenders from the start!  The system will also send alerts when a possible new location has been found for one of your existing debtors.  We have made every effort to make sure that uploading your skip list into the database is fast, easy, and available both to free and paid members! 

Monthly and annual memberships are offered for you to choose which option serves your needs best.  Both plans will allow full access to our dealer-to-dealer network, where you will be able to view the delinquent history of a potential new customer, as well as monitor and receive unlimited possible new contact notifications of your old skips!  Healthcare, collections is now available, as well as product discounts, and so much more to come!  With the help from each and every dealer, we can make the tool business great again!

Tool Dealer Network is not affiliated with any tool companies, but not limited to Cornwell, Mac, Matco, and Snap-On.  We do not act on their behalf, nor does any tool company act on ours!

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After more than a decade running our own businesses, we partnered because we wanted to solve one of the biggest problems in the mobile tool industry... SKIPS!

We knew there was a better way to increase transparency without impeding competition between dealers. Our system helps the dealer manage individual risk and recover lost assets. We did this by combining information from every flagship to identify probably evasion, and locate customers.

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