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How Our Dealer-To-Dealer Network Works:

Use TDN to prescreen potential new customers, and know if you are about to be burned by a probable skip!  With other prescreening dealers using the confirm skip feature, you will find more skips and improve your collections.  Prescreening dealers will also be able to send a debt list to any skip, free of charge, giving the skip exactly what dealer or dealers they owe with contact information, which offers another way for you to collect old skips.  With the largest database of mobile tool industry skips, and the largest network of dealer confirmed place of employment locations of non payers, TDN provides its members a solution to recover assets as well as a preventative method against skips.  




Dealers upload their skip lists

When dealers upload their skip list anonymously, which are made viewable to members in the skip search prescreen page, your skip is limited from purchasing from any other dealer or dealers until you are paid.




Members enter a potential customer’s information

TDN prescreening members will enter a potential customer's new place of employment information that will grow the historical location database.  This information serves the entire network to increase collection rates.  When debt info is sent to a skip, any new phone number information is saved in all owed dealers' My Skip List page profile, which supports your collection efforts as well.



Dealers are alerted when a new Skip location has been found

When a prescreening dealer enters a potential customer's new place of employment or phone information, that is already flagged as a skip, the originating dealer will receive an email and text indicating that a new potential address/phone has been added for your debtor.  



  • Entering new potential customers builds the network database

TDN members prescreen new customers every day, building up a historical location database that serves the Member and the entire mobile tool dealer industry in generating more matches and recoveries. TDN maintains the largest database of locations, and the numbers continue to grow daily.

  • Recover more with a Dealer-to-Dealer Network

Dealers of the same flag will be provided with owed dealers contact information when prescreening a potential new customer.  This allows dealers with the same flag to collect more skip revenue for each other.  

  • Using TDN multiplies recoveries and safeguards against skips

Dealers that sign up with TDN get access to seven times more customer information than they would have without a national dealer-to dealer network. This is a patent-pending database that only TDN can offer through creating a network by bringing flagships together anonymously nationwide.